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Holiday marketing is the creation of special marketing strategies via different channels, based around specific holidays, primarily in the end-of-year and Christmas period. It normally involves promoting special seasonal offers to maximize your revenue around the event.

Why it is important?

  • Holidays shopping is a ritual
  • Demand & intent are higher as compared to the rest of year
  • Customers are happy & positive to spend
  • Customers look for offers
  • Provides customers and brands with mutual benefits
  • As a brand owner it helps you to test the business’s ability to grow and adjust

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Being into the field of website designing from a decade, one thing I clearly understood and implemented that a web page is absolutely a piece of information surrounded by colors, graphics & motion effects. A user doesn’t care about unwanted hula-hoop occuring on web page until or unless user is able to get its information right on spot and in right time.

FOR EXAMPLE: Designers need to take appropriate decision well on time if they are going to build a website for a Kindergarten School that their actual target customers are not KIDS but it’s their parents. But on the…

What is Survivorship Bias?

Survivorship bias happens when we concentrate on strategies or plans that were “successful,” while overlooking those that were unsuccessful because of their lack of visibility.

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How it is Important for your Business?

The world of startups is full of successful stories of who made it, how, and why. What rarely gets shared are the stories of startups that were unsuccessful and died following the exact same path of success. If you are to studying car rideshare startups, to avoid survivorship bias, you should not only study the difference between Uber and Ola, but also Sidecar, Split, and Bridj.

Role in Marketing

Let’s say that you’re doing market research for a…

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Everything seems easy and accessible in web design. Just use the big pictures, flat colourful palettes, bold typos and you’re done! But actually, You are NOT!

Web technologies are changing on a rapid scale day by day. It is the time when you don’t only need a good looking website but also a selling website. The number of devices on which…

For all those who have been fascinated by Movie Posters and the creative brains behind them. So, let’s raise the curtains.

Originally published on Kays Harbor Blog by Mahijeet Singh

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eCommerce sales basically come down to numbers. A number of conversions you see are related to how much traffic your shop gets. For example, if you have a 15% conversion rate, that means you need 15,000 website visitors in order to sell 1,000 items. And we tend to ignore the most important aspect of conversion rate optimization (CRO) and that is Design. It plays a major role in optimizing your store to boost your eCommerce conversions.

How to boost your eCommerce conversions with the help of design?

In order to increase sales, you have two options: increase traffic or increase conversion rate…

A key factor in building a successful product or UI is having great empathy for your users — understanding what they do, think, feel, say and lastly what they eat (kidding). This helps you identify what they truly need and the context in which your product might meet this need.

A good UX and an awesome UI should always be run parallel. Achieving any product goal by showing beautiful colours & layout is as equally important as to implement love & empathy. It should be the right blend of both UI & UX. …

What is an Attention Span?

Google search says, “the length of time for which a person is able to concentrate on a particular activity or subject.” According to a study Human’s attention span to consume any internet feed is 8 seconds, which is decreased from 12 seconds in last decade. This is due to the expansion of internet to larger audience through mobile, tabs and watches including wi-fi, 3G/4G etc.

Since the attention time is too less, so this is the time you need to feed your consumer with essential part of your website or marketing material. …

It’s always been seen a paramount role of graphic designers in US Presidential Elections. Either it is the promotional material design or a vital logo, website design. In this article, we’re going to showcase the various logo designs of major candidates, who are/were running for US Presidency 2016. You will notice a sleek elegant touch of each candidate’s personality in his/her logo design. It shows how much effort have been put by graphic artists to design these election identities.

1. Jeb Bush

Jeb (younger brother of former President George W. Bush) has tried to make logo more on his personality. He doesn’t want…

United States Government has released its official web design framework to build Federal Government websites or any website/application which is partially linked to them.

Please visit this page for more information

This framework is specifically designed to cater American public. It is introduced in order to make standards and consistency among all the services websites and applications. Since most of the IT part is designed and developed outside US, it has been seen that some common scenarios for example asking anybody’s full name is treated differently in different apps/websites. …

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